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We pay particular attention to providing you with a comprehensive and bespoke service that measures up to your expectations as accurately as possible.


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Your commercial representatives are—first and foremost—technicians. The majority are chemical engineers with formulation experience, so they are perfectly placed to help you develop your R&D projects.

Our cosmetics and food application labs test and compare our raw materials to provide you with reliable and innovative solutions.


New 2018 : Official opening of the Food application lab.

A document-based extranet providing you with access to all your regulatory documents via your own secure account.

Access the document extranet directly via our website.

 GMP automated packaging line  specifically for liquid and paste products.

Our packaging is performed in a clean room.




Our marketing team works tirelessly to provide concepts in line with the latest market trends!

inspiration cosmetique

A la recherche d’idées pour vos futurs développements cosmétiques ?

Vous trouverez de quoi vous inspirer grâce à nos

fiches thématiques alimentaires 

fiches thématiques cosmetiques

Créer, goûter, toucher, innover : nos formules d’orientation cosmétiques et recettes alimentaires sont là pour vous accompagner dans tous vos nouveaux projets !

fiches recettes alimentaires

formules d’orientation cosmétiques

Suivez-nous sur LinkedIn  #AMI INGREDIENTS où nous publions nos nouveautés et des articles sur les tendances des nos marchés.

On request, certain references can be packaged to suit your needs.

In the Cosmetics sector: a large range of COSMOS raw materials are now available 

Liste COSMOS 2018 AMI Ingredients

In line with the new ISO 16128 and our CSR policy, we systematically indicate the percentage of natural ingredients in the orientation formulas developed by our application lab.

Formules d’orientation

In the Food sector: an exclusive partnership with HI FOOD, CAMPUS a company specialising in functional plant fibre providing Clean Label™ and vegan solutions. To view all the solutions, use our search engine


In the Oleochemistry sector: transparency and traceability are values we hold dear. Contact us for a proposal to suit your specifications.

Enfin, l’entreprise AMI s’engage au travers d’actions concrètes, retrouvez-les dans notre rapport RSE. CSR REPORT 2017 AMI


A responsible company at your service EXCELLENCE in CSR – ISO 26000

Close contact with your technical sales representative

Cosmetics AND food application labs

Personal regulatory extranet available

GMP automated packaging line (hermetically sealed environment)

Au-delà de la vente et du reconditionnement de nos matières premières (liquide et poudre) nous apportons une attention toute particulière à vous proposer un service complet et personnalisé qui réponde au plus juste à vos attentes.

Notre démarche d’Excellence nous pousse sans cesse à nous remettre en question, afin de faire de votre satisfaction notre priorité, et ce au sein de chaque service de notre société.